I might be that One girl

The name's Dana. 19. Identifying an orientation is tedious.
I'm Jamaican. Fair Warning I reblog gay. k? bye.

I laugh at EVERYTHING. I ADORE Art, Nature, Music, the RAIN and COLOURS IN EVERYTHING! I Like to climb trees. Field Hockey is a big part of my life. I'm awkward and a little bit strange. I blog about Field Hockey and Fitness and being Healthy and Pretty Pictures and Nature and Colours and Art and Inspiration and Famous Quotes and my OTPs and all that is Doctor Who and Supernatural and Sherlock and Teen Wolf and British and Worldwide and Outer Space and Everything and Anything that is just WONDERFULLY, MARVELLOUSLY, BREATHTAKINGLY, AMAZINGLY, LOVELY.
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  • Drums are always exciting. No matter what type. @holidayinnresortjamaica cultural segment.

    Back at @holidayinnresortjamaica the entertainment for tonight: an amazing violinist and a shot of Appleton.

    So, we sat down with Mads and pitched what the show was to him.  Even in that very first meeting, he said, “So, this character is a bit like Lucifer.  He sees the beauty in the world and in humanity, but is also punitive to those who don’t recognize beauty in the world and in humanity.

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